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Browse through a wide variety of activities during both summer and wintertime. With everything from snowmobiling to island hopping you won't be bored while staying in Aasiaat

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Aasiaat is located in northern Greenland and some may think that it is a difficult task to even get here. This is why we've made a 1-2-3 guide for you.

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Aasiaat has a long and rich history as the northern 'capital' of Greenland. Today it is a wonderful mixture of modern and traditional Greenland working in great harmony.

"There is no time to be bored in a beautiful world like this”

Visiting Aasiaat was a real incredible experience for me. The sound of howling sled dogs in the evening. The silent and yet incredibly vast and wild nature. I will keep these memories for ever. Thanks for making my stay in Aasiaat an unforgettable one.
Sandra Weber (Germany)


The Olympic Games athlete in Cross Country Skiing Martin Møller began his career on the skiing tracks of Aasiaat. Whether you want to go back country skiing or just follow the tracks Aasiaat got you covered.

Aurora borealis

To experience the starry, limitless sky, and the unbelievable colours that move across the Arctic sky, few places on earth offer more ways to witness the northern lights than Aasiaat.

Dog sledding

There’s a reason dog sledding is on the ‘Arctic 5’ list. It’s something we wish for everyone to try at least once in their life. An absolutely unique experience.

Afspil video
Afspil video

The Big Arctic five

In Aasiaat you can look forward to authentic dog sled rides, the magic of the northern lights, the splendour of the ice and snow and Greenland’s fascinating whales. To top it all off there’s the people of Greenland: pioneers; simultaneously ancient and modern.

Things to do

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