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By plane or ferry

You can only reach Aasiaat by air or water

How to Get Here

Air Greenland • Disko Line • Arctic Umiaq Line

Air Greenland provides daily flights to Aasiaat while AUL offers a two-day coastal trip along the beautiful western coast. Disko Line connects all the cities and towns in Disko Bay with boats.

Where to Stay

Sømandshjemmet or Hope Hostel

Depending on your budget and preferences.

Nice and cozy rooms from, $60 per person

Comfortable and convenient

Sømandshjemmet is a modern family friendly hotel with three stars. It’s also the gathering point for people in town.

+299 89 27 11

Affordable. Simple. Well equipped.

Hope Hostel is located close to the city center, the harbor and the skiing tracks.

+299 89 27 11

What to Do

Plenty of activities

All days of the week

Let us take care of your itinerary 

Package example (summer)


The staff at Sømandshjemmet will pick you up at the airport and drive you to the hotel where you’ll be given your room. Later we will take you on a guided tour around the city and introduce you to the history and culture of Aasiaat. The night you’ll spend on your own.

day 1

Breakfast is served between 6.30 – 11.45 AM. We will pick you up at 12.00 PM and take you on a two hour combined whale safari and settlement visit in our passenger approved Poca 600.  Don’t worry – we got your lunch covered. We will be visiting the small settlement of Aqunaq and have our lunch there at a locals house. Here you’ll get the chance to taste some traditional Greenlandic dishes. We are back at Sømandshjemmet around 5 PM.

day 2

One does not simply go to Greenland without hiking. At 10AM we will meet and coordinate todays hike with you. Aasiaat has some beautiful hiking trails which we want to show you – either by providing you with a map or by sending a local guide with you. You’ll be back for lunch at around 1 PM. At 3 PM we will pick you up and sail to the peculiar sight of a whale graveyard. You’re back 4.30 PM

day 3

After breakfast we will show you why fishing is the main industry in Greenland. It is fishing time. We provide you with all the necessary equipment and we’ll use our boat to find some nice spots. We guarantee that you won’t return empty handed. And you’ll probably see some whales on the trip as well.


The plane usually departs at around 11AM. We will bring you and your baggage to the airport of Aasiaat and make sure everything is OK. 

this is just an example – we make every itinerary so it suits your preference

Visit Aasiaat provides you with a A-Z experience. We’ll make sure that you get to fulfill your Arctic dream and that you’re leaving Aasiaat enriched in spirit and soul

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