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Sports Activities

Sports know no age, gender, race and even place! The surroundings of Aasiaat is perfect for all kinds of recreational activity. Have fun competing with your family and friends under midnight sun or the northern lights!

Runners from all over the world are coming to compete

Go on coastal hikes on Aasiaat or visit a neighbouring island

Get access to the snowy back country of Aasiaat or follow the trails

Did you know that the kayak has its origin in Greenland?

Go on a bicycle trip around Aasiaat to see it all.


Rent our SUP’s for a unique and intimate encounter with nature

What does a Greenlandic home look like? How does their food taste? Getting to know a country’s culture is vital to understanding it. We’ll introduce you to some different aspects of the unique and inspirational Greenlandic culture.

Cultural adventures

Ever seen a traditional Greenlandic fish market? Or a traditional Greenlandic peat cabin? We’ll introduce you to the town

A Greenlandic Kaffemik is something of it’s own and it’s your chance to see a Greenlandic home from the inside

The urbanization has hit Greenland as well and the number of settlements are declining. Close to Aasiaat is one of the few left

Action & fun

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie going 100 km/h on a snowmobile or an adventurer going dog sledding, Aasiaat won’t disappoint you. There’s plenty of opportunities to go try those crazy things you’ve always dreamed about.

We make a 99.9% guarantee that you won’t leave Aasiaat without having seen at least one whale

For thousands of years people of the Arctic has mastered the use af snow sledges

Explore the backcountry of Aasiaat and travel like to modern inuits: On a snowmobile. 

The whales tend to steal the spotlight when you mention the Disko Bay area. And not without a reason: the sight of a whale is like a window to another world. But Aasiaat has a lot more to offer the recreational traveller.

Recreational activities

We offer a wide range of boat trips. Have a look at your options.

One of the most peculiar and unique sights found under the waters of Aasiaat is the whale graveyard

The northern lights are an atmospheric phenomenon that’s regarded as the Holy Grail of skywatching

Please feel free to leave a comment on how you experienced your time in aasiaat.

Visitor reviews

Isabelle Roberts, USA

"A picture says more than a thousand words. Or so I've heard. But experiencing a humpback whale on 5 meters said more to me than a thousand pictures.”

Dannielle Bertelsen, DK

Translated: "I was a bit skeptical going to Aasiaat. Only few tourists go there and after my trip I'm left with one big question: WHY?”

Dorothy Tinmann, DE

"32°C below zero, northern lights during night time, dogs howling and some very friendly people. Thank you Aasiaat!”

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