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Sports Activities

Sports know no age, gender, race and even place! The surroundings of Aasiaat is perfect for all kinds of recreational activity. Have fun competing with your family and friends under midnight sun or the northern lights!

Runners from all over the world are coming to compete

Go on coastal hikes on Aasiaat or visit a neighbouring island

Get access to the snowy back country of Aasiaat or follow the trails

What does a Greenlandic home look like? How does their food taste? Getting to know a countries culture is vital to understanding it. We’ll introduce you to some different aspects of the unique and inspirational Greenlandic culture.

Cultural adventures

Ever seen a traditional Greenlandic fish market? Or a traditional Greenlandic peat cabin? We’ll introduce you to the town

A Greenlandic Kaffemik is something of it’s own and it’s your chance to see a Greenlandic home from the inside

The urbanization has hit Greenland as well and the number of settlements are declining. Close to Aasiaat is one of the few left

Action & fun

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie going 100 km/h on a snowmobile or an adventurer going dog sledging, Aasiaat won’t disappoint you. There’s plenty of opportunities to go try those crazy things you’ve always dreamed about.

Snowmobiling is unlike anything else. It feels like flying above ground

For thousands of years people of the Arctic has mastered the use af snow sledges

50 knots forward, icebergs passing by, wind in your hair. Fastboating is an all time winner

The whales tend to steal the spotlight when you mention the Disco Bay area. And not without reason: The sight of a whale is like a window to another world. But Aasiaat has a lot more to offer the recreational traveller.

Recreational activities

We make a 99.9% guarantee that you won’t leave Aasiaat without having seen at least one whale

The main industry of Greenland is fishing. Why? Because there are plenty of them. Go coast,- boat- or ice fishing

One of the most peculiar sights found under the waters of Aasiaat is the whale graveyard


Visitor reviews

Isabelle Roberts, USA

"A picture says more than a thousand words. Or so I've heard. But experiencing a humpback whale on 5 meters said more to me than a thousand pictures.”

Dannielle Bertelsen, DK

Translated: "I was a bit skeptical going to Aasiaat. Only few tourists go there and after my trip I'm left with one big question: WHY?”

Dorothy Tinmann, DE

"32°C below zero, northern lights during night time, dogs howling and some very friendly people. Thank you Aasiaat!”

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Midnight Sun Marathon

Every year there is an organized marathon in Aasiaat. People from all over the world are coming to Aasiaat to compete for in the unique Midnight Sun Marathon. 

Midnight Sun Marathon 2020 will be conducted the 26th of June.

Get more information on this Facebook page.

Here are the options you can chose from:
42 km from 18 years
21 km from 16 years
10 km from 12 years
4,2 km Open for everyone
800m, Kids Marathon, under 11 years

Island hikes

A few hundred meters from the town border awaits an incredible silence and beauty hardly matched anywhere else. The hikes can be arranged with with our without guide. Besides guiding you, a guide will tell you about the nature and the surroundings and bring you back and home safely. Alternatively you’ll receive a detailed topography map and do the hike on your own.

The hikes vary in level of difficulty and they range in time from 1-4 hours.

Cross Country Skiing

Aasiaat Skiing Society is very active during wintertime. They prepare the 5-10 km. skiing tracks on a daily basis and arrange competitions on a regular basis. If you are more into back country skiing there’s nothing stopping you doing that.

We will provide you with all the necessary equipment and guidance on where to go.

Guided city tour

Several world-famous artists has sat their own stamp on Aasiaat. A guided city tour with a cultural focus is a great way to experience the different work of arts. Experience our unique church, the paintings by Per Kirkeby in the local hall and the stone sculptures by Jens Kjeldsen. Aasiaat also have some local artists which you can pay a visit as well. The tour will be made so it fits your taste and style. 

The level of difficulty is easy and it will take around 1½ hours.


Kaffemik is a very unique part of Greenlandic culture. Greenlanders hold kaffemik to celebrate special events of all kinds – births and birthdays, first days of school and confirmations – but the real enjoyment comes from being in a room filled with people. We can arrange for you to experience it for yourself combined with a trip to a neighbouring village of Aasiaat: Aqunaaq.

Please be aware that we’re not offering this opportunity from October – April because of the climate.

The level of difficulty is easy and it will take around 2 hours.

Visit Settlements

If you want to experience the calm and peaceful life in a settlement, a trip to Akunnaaq would suit you well. It’s like the sun is always shining on the colorful houses of Akunnaaq which is located 25 minutes from Aasiaat by fast boat. Whether is windy or not the trip their will be relatively calm due to all the surrounding islands which are protecting us. There is automatically a sea safari included in the trip due to the high concentration of whales on the way there.

Please be aware that we’re not sailing from October – April due to the rough climate.

The level of difficulty is easy and it'll take around 3-4 hours in total.


During winter snowmobiling is the fastest and most effective way to get around – and to get an adrenaline kick. Riding a snowmobile in Greenland has become a part of our local culture and we have adopted this means of transportation as a natural extension of how we move throughout the countryside. For especially the young people it has become a thrilling sport. Riding a snowmobile is something I wish for everyone to try at least once in their life time.

The level of difficulty is easy to medium. The owner is a part of every trip so the safety is high.

Dog sledding

In hundreds of years the dog sled has been the primary mean of transportation north of the Polar Circle. Here you get a unique experience of the nature as well as the culture of Greenland and Aasiaat. There are several talented drivers in Aasiaat who will bring you there and back safely. We will help you establish contact to the people and make the necessary preparatory work.

The level of difficulty is easy.

Fast boating

Upon arrival to Greenland you’ll quickly realize that boating is a central part of modern Greenlandic culture. Aasiaat is surrounded by many islands and spectacular icebergs which has to be seen up close. Our boat is equipped with the latest safety equipment and with a 125HP engine we will get you from A-B in no-time.

Please be aware that we’re not sailing from October – April due to the climate.

The level of difficulty is easy and the time ranges according to your wishes.

Sea Safari

A premium experience of whales and seals in their natural habitat in Greenland.

Experience the wildlife and nature adventure of a lifetime on this small group – personal sea safari tour. Our custom made Poca600 boat allow you to get closer to the whales than any boats can offer. On this fun tour the fast, stable and safe boats also allow us to cover more area as we search for the wild life, thus increasing your chances of spotting whales, seals and bird-life.  In 2019 we spotted whales on 98% of our tours.

Please be aware that we’re not offering this opportunity from October – April because of the climate.

The level of difficulty is easy and the time ranges from 2-4 hours

Fishing trip

There are several opportunities for you to fishing around Aasiaat. We most often catch cod, halibut and atlantic wolffish. When the trip is over and the fish are cleaned and filleted we can make the kitchen prepare it as Fish’N’Chips.

Please be aware that we’re not offering this opportunity from October – April because of the climate.

The level of difficulty is easy and the trip varies in length according to your wishes.

Whale Graveyard

Just a few nautical miles from Aasiaat lies an old ‘slipway’ made by whale hunters to get the whales ashore. Today there’s a very strict quota on whale hunting which is why the place hasn’t been used for many years. The only sign the hunters left behind is the enormous sculls of the whales which rests at the sea bed close to shore and visible from above. The tour can easily be combined with a sea safari or fishing trip.

Please be aware that we’re not offering this opportunity from October – April because of the climate.

The level of difficulty is easy and the trip varies in length.